XSLTv is a grid viewing program for XMLTV data files. It requires only an xmltv data file and a modern browser. All processing is completely client-side and is done as-needed, resulting in a very simple installation.

No updates have been made to this software in years, and I've been told it no longer works in modern web browsers. No support is available. The files are archived here and if anyone gets it working again, I'll be happy to post an update.


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Notice: If you see weirdness, first try sorting your xml data with tv_sort --by-channel, which adds end-times if they're missing and makes sure there is no overlap of programs. Listings in some countries have "gaps," e.g. program one 1:00-1:45, program two 2:00-2:30. If you have this you should click the "fix gaps" option in XSLTv. (Checking this option if you don't need it slows processing down.)

Update: XSLTv is an officially approved Schedules Direct application, so you can use this non-profit grabber to feed XSLTv. (The previous North-American grabber which used labs.zap2it.com has been discontinued.)



  1. Get XMLTV installed and working. (This is easy, especially in Windows!)
  2. Drop all the files into a directory on your webserver. Note: This software does not require a webserver; it works perfectly (in some browsers--see below) from a directory on a windows machine.
  3. Put a current xmltv file (which must be either titled tv.xml, or with today's date YYYYMMDD.xml) in the same directory. You could use a series of cron jobs to automate this. Note: The smaller the xml file available to the program, the quicker this will run. Sorting seems to help with speed, but is not required.
  4. Load tv.html in a webbrowser. Note: This file (and only this file) may be freely renamed (e.g. to index.html).



Screenshots (updated for version 0.9):

AOL themeExcite themeMeeVee themeMSN themeTitanTV themeTVGuide themeYahoo theme
AOL screenshot Excite screenshot MeeVee screenshot MSN screenshot TitanTV screenshot TVGuide screenshot Yahoo screenshot

Screenshots of the preferences screen: Page One, Page Two, Page Three, Page Four

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