XSLTv is a grid viewing program for XMLTV data files. It requires only an xmltv data file and a modern browser. All processing is completely client-side and is done as-needed, resulting in a very simple installation.


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Notice: If you see weirdness, first try sorting your xml data with tv_sort --by-channel, which adds end-times if they're missing and makes sure there is no overlap of programs. Listings in some countries have "gaps," e.g. program one 1:00-1:45, program two 2:00-2:30. If you have this you should click the "fix gaps" option in XSLTv. (Checking this option if you don't need it slows processing down.)

Update: XSLTv is an officially approved Schedules Direct application, so you can use this non-profit grabber to feed XSLTv. (The previous North-American grabber which used labs.zap2it.com has been discontinued.)



  1. Get XMLTV installed and working. (This is easy, especially in Windows!)
  2. Drop all the files into a directory on your webserver. Note: This software does not require a webserver; it works perfectly (in some browsers--see below) from a directory on a windows machine.
  3. Put a current xmltv file (which must be either titled tv.xml, or with today's date YYYYMMDD.xml) in the same directory. You could use a series of cron jobs to automate this. Note: The smaller the xml file available to the program, the quicker this will run. Sorting seems to help with speed, but is not required.
  4. Load tv.html in a webbrowser. Note: This file (and only this file) may be freely renamed (e.g. to index.html).



Screenshots (updated for version 0.9):

AOL themeExcite themeMeeVee themeMSN themeTitanTV themeTVGuide themeYahoo theme
AOL screenshot Excite screenshot MeeVee screenshot MSN screenshot TitanTV screenshot TVGuide screenshot Yahoo screenshot

Screenshots of the preferences screen: Page One, Page Two, Page Three, Page Four

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